Yellow Mamma Valentine’s Day Issue

Can’t wait for “A New Life” at the end of the month?
Well check out my story “Just Like Fish” in the Yellow Mamma Valentine’s Day issue for free! HERE  

“A New Life” Giveaway

My new novella “A New Life” which is a gritty horror story torn right from the streets of Philadelphia written by someone who actually lived on them is coming out soon on St. Rooster Books. We’re doing a special giveaway to celebrate. Find out about it HERE

Books Of Horror


I thought this was a cute idea and I decided to participate. Books of Horror is a Facebook page that discusses…well, exactly what it says it does. One day the admins noticed that there were a heap of authors participating in the page and opined that it might be a neat idea to do an anthology.  I concurred.
A reprint of my story “The Hills are Alive” is included inside, you can read it HERE