Virtual Book Signing

All right, it’s like this. Because of the whole pandemic I can’t do book signings this time out. Which, sucks, but safety first and all. So, we’re doing a virtual signing, sort of. If you actually got to see me at a signing you’d get to see me(first picture at an honest to goodness signing) and you’d get to see my new novel “Cult of the Gator God” (next picture) but I also bring along books I have extra copies of to sign for y’all. Since I can’t do that I’m offering the books listed below at cost plus shipping, signed, possibly with an amazing piece of wisdom scribbled into it that you will never be able to decipher because my handwriting is terrible.
Just message me on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere you can hunt me down like a dog, and I’ll give you my PayPal and one of these beauties will be on it’s way to you ASAP.
Shipping and stuff is 4 dollars. When I list the prices I’m just going to list it with shipping, because frankly it annoys me to no end when I’m shopping and they leave the shipping off the cost and it ends up being way more than I expected. So the listed prices are TOTAL, ie cost plus shipping.
Cult of the Gator God- $17
I Never Eat Cheesesteak-$19
A New Life- $11
The Finger (photography)-$9
Kids of the Black Hole(short story))-$11
Weirdbook #35(short story)-$16
Weirdbook Witches Annual(short story)-$17
Weirdbook #40(short story)- $16
Creeping Corruption Anthology (short story)-$14

And don’t worry this isn’t some “The author is broke” sale, these are extra copies I specifically have for signings, I’ve got personal copies of everything, and I’m a keepin’ them!



There’s been Horror-Comedy, there’s been Fantasy-Comedy, but Kaiju-Comedy?
“Cult is a super-fun read. It would also make a great movie. Hey Netflix, you listening? Get on this!”- Andrew Snook, author of The Remy’s Dilemma Series
In this modern world, you have to be ready to move for work, and Bob Carey thought he was able to live anywhere. At least until he met Florida that is which it turns out is a lot more than Miami and Disney. Now thanks to an untimely flaming boat-related death and some office politics he finds himself in Jacksonville tasked with making a new life. The young environmental lawyer has a lot to learn about his new town, and the new people in his life like his oddball researcher Steve, his new girlfriend Sarah and most of all his new clients. What he finds will make him realize that the Florida Man headlines he used to enjoy don’t explain even a portion of how weird the Sunshine State can truly be.
You can get the paperback HERE or read it on Kindle HERE!