It Comes Out Tomorrow

But you can read about the new anthology “The Blind Dead Ride Out of Hell” which includes my own story, “Sight of the Blind Dead” here

Update time! All The News That’s Fit To Plotz!

So what’s happening here at Paul Lubaczewski Inc. these days? All kinds of things are coming up, so I thought it might be a neato benito thing for me, the Paul, to tell y’all what some of them were.
Firstly, I have some short fiction coming up in the pages of Weirdbook, Schlock!, SciFi Lampoon, and the anthology The Blind Dead Ride Out from St. Rooster Books.

Speaking of St. Rooster, they’ll be putting out my collection of three Appalachian Mountain horrors, “Three Hits From the Holler.” All three pieces are pure mountain terror!

Dreaming Big Publications has some surprises in store for you kids as well, my first two collections “A Spoonful of Sugar” and “What Is a Paddywack” are both in formatting and coming soon, along with my first fantasy novel, “The End of the Soujourn” Look here for cover reveals as they come!

My next horror comedy is finished and through beta reading, it’s entitled “The Wild Witches of West Bygod” hopefully look for that some time in 2021.

And finally, I’ve been writing, and writing eventually reaches the point of revisions, and I have two novels that have reached that state. The first revisions are done on both, and I’m happy that both of them are going to be awesome when they’re done. The first is an urban/punk rock/ coming of age/ horror novel “Notes of Discord.” Want to hear about “back in the day” in a book? Written by someone who was there? I was, and it’s in there. Also in revisions is my next horror-comedy after Witches, “A Brat Out of Hell” that involves finding out your beloved neighborhood used bookseller is in actuality a demon Prince trying to hide from his Dad.

More books are being written after that, but let me leave some mystery to the process, OK?

So there you go, plenty to look forward to, look for updates soon!

Virtual Book Signing

All right, it’s like this. Because of the whole pandemic I can’t do book signings this time out. Which, sucks, but safety first and all. So, we’re doing a virtual signing, sort of. If you actually got to see me at a signing you’d get to see me(first picture at an honest to goodness signing) and you’d get to see my new novel “Cult of the Gator God” (next picture) but I also bring along books I have extra copies of to sign for y’all. Since I can’t do that I’m offering the books listed below at cost plus shipping, signed, possibly with an amazing piece of wisdom scribbled into it that you will never be able to decipher because my handwriting is terrible.
Just message me on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere you can hunt me down like a dog, and I’ll give you my PayPal and one of these beauties will be on it’s way to you ASAP.
Shipping and stuff is 4 dollars. When I list the prices I’m just going to list it with shipping, because frankly it annoys me to no end when I’m shopping and they leave the shipping off the cost and it ends up being way more than I expected. So the listed prices are TOTAL, ie cost plus shipping.
Cult of the Gator God- $17
I Never Eat Cheesesteak-$19
A New Life- $11
The Finger (photography)-$9
Kids of the Black Hole(short story))-$11
Weirdbook #35(short story)-$16
Weirdbook Witches Annual(short story)-$17
Weirdbook #40(short story)- $16
Creeping Corruption Anthology (short story)-$14

And don’t worry this isn’t some “The author is broke” sale, these are extra copies I specifically have for signings, I’ve got personal copies of everything, and I’m a keepin’ them!